S’porean man 5-times woman he met on Tinder with 3 more ladies & 1 man

You’ll find appreciation stories, you can find tragedies, following there is the epic tale of Chloe Teo and Ashry Owyong minute.

Teo, a social influencer, submitted a (very) extended membership of her encounters with minute about blogging webpages Dayre on Dec. 27.

You can read yourself during that connect if you 30 minutes to free.

The article starts with “I got 5-timed”, which hints on crisis which to follow along with.

Met on Tinder

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Teo initially found Min on Tinder about this past year. Teo, during that time, outdated and left another man. Following the break-up, minute called Teo once more and they started online dating.

Minute stated to be serving in the Singapore military. He furthermore advertised to possess come tangled up in important surgery power objectives occasionally.

Things were supposed well whenever minute abruptly questioned Teo to get rid of all posts she wrote on Dayre about their relationship, stating he wanted things to become exclusive. Teo conformed.

They grabbed a visit to Boracay in the Philippines with each other. Every thing felt great.

“. the setting got thus heart warming. I found myself about enchanting area aided by the people of my personal desires.”

During the excursion, Min took a video clip of Teo for an Instagram facts, which he shared with this lady.

Thinking that Min was prepared use the alternative to make their unique relationship community, Teo contributed the videos on the own Instagram, along with other photos of minute.

Which is when stress began.

Others woman

After the lady Insta stories had been uploaded, Teo obtained an email from anyone claiming to be Min’s sweetheart.

Whenever confronted, minute said that this girl had been a “brother” and asked Teo to deactivate this lady Instagram levels.

Teo thought your and did thus immediately. But there seemed to be a grain of question in the rear of their notice.

“He held my hands into the jet after knowing I got my personal profile deactivated and explained anything can be great.

The flight got way too long, I was thus sick. my personal surface is so burnt, attention very hot from weeping inside my 2 time coach trip to the airport, yet my personal head was operating.

Convinced continuously. Merely why, precisely why create i need to conceal from their aunt. I’ve surely got to meet the lady a while soon.”

Facts was released

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Teo reactivated this lady profile and talked to Min’s “sister”, asking should they could clean the atmosphere. Alternatively, she insisted that she actually was Min’s girl.

Teo required proof that they happened to be certainly a couple of, and got an image of minute are close with an other woman.

It turned-out that she had been on a journey to Japan while Teo and minute happened to be in Boracay.

Whenever confronted, Min advertised that she is an ex, and therefore she was a “psycho” who had been nevertheless obsessed with your while they’d separated.

But meanwhile, Teo is obtaining quite a few emails from other ladies who reported they also had outdated minute, and he cheated on it.

This really is a shoutout to my ex

In general, Teo was with Min for four several months, that remaining post defines in more detail.

But listed here is a quick overview of all of the skeevy affairs Teo stated that Min has been doing.

1. Mooched off her economically

“Throughout this 4 months we shared with him, I’ve unconsciously aided your book countless taxi tours backward and forward “his place” (occasionally it’ll function as girlfriends home lol) and though each trip was only $5/6, producing all of them completely made me understand how much cash I’ve spent.”

2. Dated various other ladies while he got online dating Teo

“said he was with buddies playing darts, Nope. He was with his different gf on a night out together evening. precisely what the hell, after he leftover my house exactly that afternoon soothing me because of most of the fact I discovered about.

Explained he previously to attend class but Nope. He went to Suntec for a date nights along with his more girl.

Or just how he was caught at school and could only arrive at 9pm when Nope. He had been actually active spending some time with one of his more 3 girls external.”

3. outdated another man while he had been matchmaking Teo

“Even your and I also possesn’t used pictures such as that. Undoubtedly you can let me know yourself what you think regarding commitment? We challenged Ashry and he informed me which they had been only close friends. actually. “

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4. reported that he lied about his earlier contribution in a web cam gender scandal

“Lied about their last w terms of college. Supplementary college, expelled for web cam sex scandal. “

Picture from Tumblr. Remainder of pictures become NSFW.

5. Hit up a woman on Tinder, just who been Teo’s friend, while he was actually near to Teo

“I BELIEVED HIM EH. So. I inquired him to signal themselves into tinder and he merely insisted the guy forgotten about the code blablabla, demonstrably lying all the way through their spoiled teeth ugh. And this refers ton’t it, he still dare to check out me after and mentioned “Now believe whenever I mentioned my membership is hacked?”


Per Teo, minute’s “girlfriend” is still with your, and even though Teo herself features busted no-cost. Minute try it seems that trying to sign on regular together with the SAF’s special forces.

She recalls whenever Min initial asked going along with her.

“Is there an opportunity i really could day ya?

We desired I stated no. Damn they.”

But wait, absolutely a lot more:

An early on version of this article claimed that Teo remained with Min for several months after she discovered his more alleged relations is actually wrong. It was revised.

Leading image from Dayre.

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